Below is an overview of the approved stallions at our stud.

Name: Don Bosco du Bois
Born: 2008
Level: ZZ-licht
F.: Don Cremello du Bois
M: Carenza du Bois (ster pref.)
F.M: Idzard
Available: On request

Name:  Mr. Créme Bruleé Bloemendael
Born:  2016
Level:  B
F.:  FS Mr. Right
M.:  Oosting Manuella (voorl.keur, pref,prest)
F.M.:  Verona’s BO-GI
Available: On request

Name:  Calippo KV
Born:  2014
Level:  M
F.:  FS Champion de Luxe
M.:  Callista du bois
F.M.:  Don Cremello du bois
Available: On request