About us

Stoeterij Bloemendael is located in the southwestern part of Boxtel, within the province of Brabant. We found the perfect place for our stud in the township of De Roond, which is within close proximity of a forest and the nature reserve Kampina. Our name is derived from the nearby estate with the same name. The estate holds over 22 acres of land and hosts farms, a nature reserve, fields with herbs and flowers, a shepherd’s track and fruit orchards. This wonderful area allows our youngsters to mature, and, along with our broodmares, also contribute to the nature management of estate Bloemendael.

Stoeterij Bloemenael was founded in 2013 and focuses on breeding and training of horses and ponies who have the potential to become stars in the world of dressage.

Our accomodation consists of a range of stables with an indoor arena (20×60), covered walker and lunging area, special stables for the youngsters, an outdoor area (20×60), paddocks and several fields. This ensures we can prepare our breeding prospects for their future in the best possible way.